Minutes of SUBC Executive Meeting
The Boatshed 6.30 pm 18th April 2017

Present: Sarah Cook ( President) Will Raven ( Vice President) John Boultbee (Treasurer)
Marcus Britt ( Men’s Captain) Dyone Bettega (Women’s Captain) Wallis Russell ( Undergrad Rep)
Chris Noel ( Secretary)

1. Welcome
2. President Update
a) Nothing formal prepared – most items are covered in agenda items

3. Treasurer’s Report – Tabled to end of March 2017
a) Documentation for Pathway Club not completed re budgeted payment for 2017
b) Part time administrator starting next week
c) Championship Entry fees paid out and now sent for recouping form athletes
d) New equipment purchased – Fillipi Eight / Kir Eight /Spin Bikes /
4. High Performance Sub Committee
SC: reported on last meeting
DF and AY contracts re renewal – discussed with Head Coach and DOR
Discussed possible tours for this year.
Winter Program – discussed.

5. Women’s Captains Report DB
Reported women’s group had positive campaign at nationals
Accountability re loading trailers has now improved dramatically
DB has put together a presentation for the Club for students.
Sound System – need to get 4 speakers put up in erg room – captains to get quotes
Dustyn commended Dyone on her leadership in the role so far.

Men’s Captain MB
All very happy with nationals
Small group training for U21 trials
Poor attendance from male athletes at AGM
AGM BBQ and End of Season BBQ – arranged by Marcus and Dyone – thanks from Committee

6. Coaches Report Dustyn
Move to boatshed after states went very well
New shed raised the standard of the group
JB and AJ have had to withdraw from trials unfortunately
Tours – need to do the training behind them – set us up for summer.

7. Membership CN
Approx. 100 members – about 60% of memberships paid to date.

8. Strategic Plan – TWC
TWC – wants all Exec Committee to give feedback on the Plan.
Please do by email chain
SC: Aim to present plan to Special General Meeting in July.
Important that all red and give feedback in next two weeks.
Deadline : 28th April 2017

9. 1897 Mug
presented by Iain MacDonald to use at Boatshed. – thank you

10. Uniform Update:

MB : has Polo’s made
Henry Lloyd a bit expensive
Will look at cheaper alternatives
Polo order form to parents and athletes
Steel cupboard CN look at Bunnings
Need new Zoot Suits – same pattern as black ones – double check.
CN circulate available sizes to Exec Comm and DF for suggestions as to size mix

11. College Programs
St Andrews in place
Women’s College – doing 2 x 4 week programs at Glebe (MB eight) 1st May -24
Need coaches – SC asked for one recommendation
Wesley College – rowing coming on time – coach needs better competency – SC arranging invoice via Aleksandra
Andrew’s communication Ok – but so far no sessions. Drew’s girls are training at Glebe.
St Paul’s keen to come back to SU – CN has been in touch Ivan Head

12. RNSW Annual Awards

Rusty Robertson – sustained contribution

Kevyn Webb – also
Iain MacDonald – Volunteer

13. SUBC Website
TWC – new site HT has been doing making it and TWC, RH and others doing content.
Members to write copy for sections
CN – agreed to do Foundation
WR – Events
CN – Boatshed
CN – Blues and Golds shots
CN – Membership explanation

14. SUSF Nominations
WR – Blues Committee
WR – possible as Student Nomination
TWC – possible as VP

15. Overseas Trips

a) China – moved 15-31 July – probably – an eight – men or women ( Chengdu and Changsha)
b) China No2 regatta 16 July - men’s eight and women’s 4 – probably go with 1st
c) Korea – 21-27 Aug – mixed eight
d) Canadian Henley
e) Henley ( Cam / Don – Holland Becker)
DB and WR to send recommendation this week by end of week.

16. Fundraising for Overseas Tours
Set Objectives
Possible Fund Raiser on 18th June SC

17. USSF Proposals
Held over to next meeting

18. Missing Budget Items
Set of Scales – WR to investigate
RNSW Dinner – attend RNSW Dinner please SC urges us to attend
Tools for Boatshed – drill press, vice, drop saw – DB
Possible engage Boatman – part time at SUBC – James Allan
What would be budget implication – CN suggest winter 1 day week or more?
Proposal from coaches – also probationary – see how it works out.

19. New Boathouse Fundraising
CN - Suggest form a FR Committee
CN to suggest Committee and meet by middle of May

20. Regatta Entry Fees
We collect Championship fees entries from rowers.
Should we collect this from the athletes??
No we should keep status quo overall – WR / SC leave as is
21. Coach Contracts
DF reviewed with Tristan and putting future KPI’s in place for extension of contract.
New term contract 24 month.
Maintain principle that coaches work as a team and the coaches accept technical direction from Head Coach and on management side the DOR gives guidance and sets responsibility.
Tristan to provide report on this performance review to HP Committee

SC/- to move quickly on review for AY – due to renew.

22. Coaches – allowance for meals when at away regattas – will be implemented

23. New Boathouse Facilities – need to tidy up afterwards.

Possible recycling signs – captains and student reps to implement asap.

24. Official Opening 27th May
All parents and athletes to advise attendance
Committee work on RSVP by 8th May

25. General Business
Use of toilets at Nepean Rowing Club
RNSW needs to move on situation with NRC
Follow up with Mark Williams
Letter to RNSW – ask them to take action re toilets. CN to action
Ask re NTC use
Or put toilet block adjacent

26. Club Blazer – required for touring – WR to look at.