SUBC AGM & General Meeting Minutes
Tuesday 4th April 2017

Below are the minutes of the SUBC Annual General Meeting, held on Tuesday 4th April 2017 at 6.30pm at the Thyne Reid Boatshed.



Meeting commenced at 6.48pm

1. Welcome by President

2. Attendance

2.1 Present – Anika Lalic, Sarah Cook, John Boultbee, Marcus Britt, William Raven, Nathaniel Young, Morgan Brooking, Loren Parsons, Olina Parrish, Ashleigh Brooking, Raquel Cuevas, Deborah Fox, Fiona Ewing, Laura Triggs, Genevieve Horton, Wallis Russell, Carina Simpson, Jane Spring, Patricia Spring, Anne Titterton, Jo Pollett, Janine Donovan, Lizzi Chapman, Bronwen Downie, Tobias Wehr-Candler, Don McLachlan, Dustyn Butler, Rebecca Humphris, Franz Foister, Rod Cuevas, Paul Espie, Charles Moore, Chris Noel, Annabel Childs, Mary Boland, Dyone Bettega

2.2 Apologies – Austin Curtin, Cameron Girdlestone, Larry Cornell, Gillian O’Malley, Damon Hietbrink, Steve Newnham, Sarah Verne, Phil Titterton, George Reid , Alfie Young

3. Minutes from previous AGM
3.1 Discussion – Nil
3.2 Matters arising – Nil
3.3 Adoption by members – Moved. Seconded. Carried.

4. Special Presentation
4.1 – Presentation of SUBC Life Membership Plaques to: Austin Curtin (accepted by Chris Noel), John Boultbee, Paul Espie, Charles Moore, Chris Noel, Jane Spring & Bronwen Watson

5. Reports
5.1 President’s Report – see attached document. Brief overview by Sarah Cook focusing on the achievements of SUBC in the past 12 months, most notably the building and completion of the Boathouse as well as the Australian Boat Race and club results at recent regattas including NSW State Cup, Riverview Gold Cup and overall medal tally at Australian Nationals. Special mention made to individuals who competed at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 and those who have been selected to attend the Rowing National Training Centres.

Presidents’ Report was moved. Seconded. Carried.

5.2 Treasurer’s Report – see attached document. Brief overview by John Boutlbee focusing on the sound financial position SUBC is currently in and wishes to maintain. Mentioned that there is still approx. $180k to raise for the Boathouse.

Some of the SUBC members attending the 2017 AGM at the Boathuse at Burns Bay.

Jane Spring asked about how we would plan to afford our new fleet and pay the remaining debt on the Boathouse. John mentioned that SUBC has 3 years to raise this money and due to our healthy surplus, we could afford to buy new boats.

Paul Espie asked about the value in kind from Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness and how this affects the SUBC budget. John said that this money was not part of our budget as it is measured in the use of facilities etc. He further added that Elite Athlete Program Members also receive a significant amount of support and resources all paid for by SUSF, but again, this is not shown in the budget.

Chris Noel pointed out that value in kind support for boat insurance was also covered by SUSF which is a big saving for SUBC each year.

Anne Titterton asked regarding the University of Sydney Sports Foundation and the allocation of the funds within this foundation to the member sports and whether the money was allocated to men, women or both. John mentioned that any contributions are made to SUBC in general and are not gender specific. Furthermore, he stated that the foundation can be used to raise money for other activities within the club, such as the Rebecca Wilson Memorial Shield. Chris Noel mentioned that USSF was started by SUBC and now has numerous chapters for other sports.

Treasurer’s Report was moved. Seconded. Carried.

6. Election of Office Bearers

6.1 Election of SUBC Male Captain – Due to the gender equity rule as outlined in the SUBC Constitution, there must be no smaller than 40% representation of one gender in the Executive Committee. Due to the nominations received, most notably Anika Lalic stepping down from her position as SUBC Secretary and only one nomination being received for this position, from Chris Noel, the position of Student Representative had to be held by a female. There were only two nominations for the Student Representative position from Wallis Russell and Marcus Britt. As Wallis is a female, she was granted this position. Similarly, the constitution states that if a female President is elected, the Vice President must be male and vice versa. The only position requiring a vote was that of Male Captain as all other positions only received one nomination. The members were asked to vote for either Marcus Britt or Damon Hietbrink.

6.2 Announcing of new Office Bearers – Votes were counted for the Male Captain position and Sarah Cook announced the new executive:
President: Sarah Cook
Vice President: William Raven
Secretary: Chris Noel
Treasurer: John Boultbee
Male Captain: Marcus Britt
Female Captain: Dyone Bettega
Student Representative: Wallis Russell

The newly elected Executive Committee was congratulated.

Moved. Seconded. Carried.

7. General Business
Gifts were presented to the outgoing Executive Committee to thank them for their efforts over the past 12 months.

Chris Noel spoke about the recent success of SUBC and read an email from Phil Bourguignon and his delight at seeing SUBC having so many wonderful results of late.

Anne Titterton mentioned the importance of Nicholas Hudson revising the SUBC Constitution and asked for information to be forwarded to members prior to a Special General Meeting being held to allow members to take note of any changes. Most members agreed with this. Sarah Cook said that this would definitely occur.

Jane Spring suggested SUBC send a message to Bruce Ross congratulating him on his Presidency over the past 26 years and thanking him for his support of the former men and women’s clubs prior to amalgamation. She also mentioned the importance of having SUBC members as part of the SUSF Management Committee and encouraged members to consider running for various positions in the upcoming election. Lastly, Jane suggested SUBC send thank you letters to the Vice Chancellor, Senate and Campus Infrastructure Services for their assistance in completing the Boathouse.

Rebecca Humphris enquired about SUBC sub-committees and how to get involved. Sarah Cook said that if members had an interest in a particular area, they should contact the committee and they could place them into a sub-committee that is suitable. Sarah said she would email the club inviting them to join a sub-committee.

Meeting Closed 7.44pm

The 2017 AGM awarded seven members of SUBC Honorary Life Membership - pictured Jane Spring, John Boultbee, Chris Noel, Bronwen Watson - also Charles Moore, Paul Espie and Austin Curtin.