SUBC Committee Meeting – 27th February 2017

1 – Welcome

2 – Business Arising
• N/A

3.1 – February 2017 Presidents’ Report
• Finally moved into the new boatshed
• Alumni Event to be held Sunday 5th March to show everyone the new shed and remind them of the fundraising still to be done
• Open day for local residents 12th March
• Mary McLaughlin starting in the Administration role as of 6th March (2 days/week)
• Joey’s moved into the shed last week for a trial period
• Scots has paid to use the shed for a week
• No external stakeholders have been offered keys
• Nominations for Sports Awards – SUBC (Premier Club), Cam Girdlestone (Male Athlete), Sarah Cook (Administrator), Mark Prater (Premier Coach)

4.1 – Treasurer’s Finance Report as at 31/1/17
• See attached

5.1 – High Performance Sub-Committee Report
• Met with Don & Dustyn re: recruitment plan:
o Winter School Leavers Program from May to July (targeting Year 10, 11, 12) – looking to do this for women this year too. May need selection parameters around this as well as a regatta at the end of the period
o Novice Program – targeted at university aged students
• Will continue to meet monthly to continue to communicate around these plans
• Looking to bolster the women’s side of the club – recruiting high level athletes into the EAP

5.2 – Men’s & Women’s Captains Reports
• Men’s Report:
o Scholarships
 New system being established – mainly completed but some things still to be developed for 2018
o Lots of enthusiasm around the new shed
o Mentoring younger athletes
o Establishing shed rules amongst all athletes
 System of punishments for infractions
o Athlete charter – keeping things in order
o Issues with NTC and how they will affect our athletes in the future
• Women’s Report:
o Congratulations to Fiona Ewing for being selected to trial in the Senior A’s squad
o A number of female athletes are frustrated with the accountability of boat loading and unloading – everyone needs to do their part
o Coaches need to drive these things – reminding athletes of what is expected

5.3 – Membership/Fundraising Sub-Committee Report
• Memberships are going well
• Everyone is paying up relatively on time
• Alumni database will be getting underway in the coming weeks – Lizzi Chapman to work with Louise Trott
• Scholarships to be allocated in the coming days – those who are not made financial scholarship offers to pay their fees once these have been done

5.4 – Coaches Report
• See attached document

5.5 – Hiring of Administrative Role
• Mary to start Monday 6th March

5.7 – Uniforms
• Simplicity
• Needs to be ordered ASAP to be ready for nationals
• Marcus to look after this process

5.8 – College Programs
• Sancta looking to row out of the shed
• Slightly different arrangements for each college
• Some colleges looking to have longer term rowing programs
• To be continued – updates to come

5.9 – SUBC AGM
• Tuesday 4th April at 6.30pm Venue TBC

5.10 – Sub Committees
• Motion for chairs of sub-committees to be members of the executive committee

6.1 – General Business
• Events and functions:
o Annual Dinner – fundraising and award giving
o Garden Party or another social function that is not fundraising based
o Each of these will run on an annual basis at a similar time each year

Meeting concluded 8.20pm