SUBC Committee Meeting – 31st January 2017

1 – Welcome

2 – Business Arising
• Strategic Plan not ready as yet – draft to be released next week, committee meeting to finish sub-committee charters, more discussion next meeting
• Elite Rowers at NTCs – needs to be discussed further with SUSF to find a solution for student athletes required to relocate.
• Constitution – review by Nick Hudson not yet complete

3.1 – November 2016 Presidents’ Report
• Feb 14 move in date for the new boatshed provided everything goes right for us in the coming weeks. Official opening to be around May due to racing

4.1 – Treasurer’s Finance Report as at 31/1/17
• John currently overseas and will be providing the annual budget in February

5.1 – High Performance Sub-Committee Report
• These meetings to become more frequent (monthly) – allows more engagement and flow of information between coaches and committee.
• Using the expertise and skills of the members of this committee to act in an advisory capacity for all matters pertaining to the high performance program.
• Hiring of administrator role – committee has approved the hiring of this person to fill the position in a part-time capacity (2-days a week). Looking to fill the position ASAP.

5.2 – Men’s & Women’s Captains Reports
• Men’s Report:
o N/A

• Women’s Report:
o Solid training in the women’s group pre and post-Christmas
o Everyone has made an effort to include new members
o Younger athletes learning from the older more experienced athletes
o Talent ID and school girl rowers – presenting to school aged athletes to promote the club and entice them to come to SUBC
o Need to have a targeted approach including the parents of the athletes – suggested information night
o Accommodation for Nationals – unlikely that this is a viable option due to multiple bookings from RA and others for the racing period

5.3 – Membership/Fundraising Sub-Committee Report
• See report
• Membership payments due January 31. ALL MEMBERS MUST PAY FEES FOR 2017 ASAP.
• Zooties – All potential scholarship holders to submit CC details to get their zooties
• Anyone who has paid for 2017 membership can receive their rowing suit.

5.4 – Coaches Report
• Some issues with accommodation at camp
• Camp went well – challenging conditions that were handled well by all individuals
• Integration of groups has been fantastic
• Lots of cooperation with the coaching staff
• Plenty of athletes representing the club
• Recruitment needs to be a focus for the club in the next month to get new athletes interested for the seasons to come
• State Champs upcoming – NTC athletes have been released for this event

5.5 – Strategic Plan
• Committee charters need to be completed ASAP
• Draft due to go out soon

5.6 – Hiring of Administrative Role
• An individual has been spoken to regarding this role
• Currently going to be purely administrative and only part-time
• Looking to hire this individual in the coming weeks

5.7 – Uniforms
• Should look to get these organised ASAP
• Proposal to get a clothing provider organised before Nationals
• Limited number of items that have no dates so they are more timeless
• To be managed by the Student Representative and the Captains, and approved by the committee.

5.8 – Sub-Committee Charters
• See strategic plan
• Website to be put up ASAP

5.9 – Boat Repairs/Maintenance
• Administrative person who will be in charge of all breakages and damages
• All coaches have to be aware of any damages and reporting this to the administrative person
• Coaches ultimately responsible for repairing boats
• Glebe shed – Debbie is the contact for this facility and any damages to the facility are reported to Paul Reynolds

5.10 – Womens’ College Rowing LTR Program
• Renewed interest in colleges being more involved in rowing
• Womens’ are looking to have more rowers in their college and having these individuals involved in Rosebowl
• Intercol Rowing – Week 9
• Want to run 2 x 4 week LTR programs per semester (4 per year) out of the Glebe shed using Bryce
• 2 mornings/week any morning during the week except Thursday (to be factored in around Master’s womens boat usage)
• Potential for a coach to be paid
• Will Raven and Jack Hanley happy to coach this group
• Will require access to an eight boat and the women’s college coxed four
• Cost TBA

5.11 – Coxswain Membership
• To remain at 50% of their appropriate category
• 2 masters coxes to be put in the $100 alumni/supporter category – any others to be decided at the discretion of the committee

5.12 – New Boatshed Access List
• This has been devised and will only be offered to a select group
• Specific listing of who needs to be notified in different circumstances
• Protocols around who opens/closes, who polices parties etc – athlete driven

6.1 – General Business
• Any members who need to pay for boat storage can continue to do so through the trust account at SUSF
• Instagram page to be shared around

Meeting concluded 8.31pm
Next meeting Monday 27th February at 6.30pm – New Boatshed